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Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman, Ph.D.



Ibrahim Kholilul Rohman menjabat sebagai Peneliti di LPEM FEB UI. Selain itu, ia pengajar pada Departemen Ilmu Ekonomi.


  • S.E. (Indonesia)Universitas Indonesia
  • M.Si (Indonesia)Universitas Indonesia
  • P.hD. (Swedia)Chalmers University of Technology

Publikasi Pilihan

  • 2021; 5G Spectrum Valuation of Milimeter Wave Technology: A Case Study of Indonesia Industrial Area for Acceleration of Broadband Development; Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
  • 2018; Influence of Potassium on Sapric Peat Under Different Environmental Conditions; Springer

Minat Penelitian

Kontribusi Intelektual

  • 2019; Bioremediation of Xenobiotic Organic Compounds in Greywater by Fungi Isolated from Peatland, a Future Direction; Other IC Type Selected by the School
  • 2018; Everything and its opposite: Socio-economic implications of Blockchain technology: Case of monetary policy; Academic/Professional Meeting Presentations
  • 2018; Global Challenge of Identity: Blockchain E-ID System for a Sustainable Development and Good Governance; Academic/Professional Meeting Presentations